U.S. Premium Beef's Qualified Seedstock Supplier (QSS) list is designed to assist producers who seek a genetic supplier with knowledge and experience in producing cattle for USPB's quality-based system. As a result, commercial ranchers have added assurance that these breeders offer high quality genetics designed for USPB's integrated product system.
  1. USPB members who can assist you in marketing your cattle to USPB.
  2. Strive to produce high quality genetics for all traits, especially the carcass traits needed to produce premiums on USPB's value-based grids.
  3. Actively promote USPB to their customer base.
  4. Are full-time seedstock producers committed to breeding top-quality genetics.
  5. Offer valuable customer service in marketing your feeder or fed cattle.
  6. Encourage the use of individual animal electronic identification systems.

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