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Molitor Angus Ranch
In 1952, Richard and Angela Molitor established Molitor Angus. Today, it remains a family-owned ranch with their son Mike and their six daughters involved in the operation. We just recently completed our twenty-third annual production sale which also marked our 50th year in business. Molitor Angus runs a performance-based cowherd with proven calving-ease and high fertility throughout our genetics. Our cattle excel in feedlot performance with average daily gains consistently exceeding four pounds per day with a feed conversion of five pounds of feed per pound of gain. Our genetics typically produce carcasses that grade more than 80 percent Choice and 35 percent Certified Angus Beef. In 2002, Molitor Angus Beef, LLC, was formed to assist our customers in marketing their calves. A founding stockholder of U.S. Premium Beef (USPB), Molitor Angus now has 700 USPB shares at its disposal to help our customers market their cattle through a company that rewards higher quality cattle. In addition, we help facilitate the leasing of additional USPB shares for our customers. Molitor customers now have several marketing options available to help them maximize the returns from their investment in our genetics. Call us, or stop by, to learn more about the genetics and services we offer commercial cattlemen.
Name: Michael Molitor
Phone: 620-243-6335
Cell: 620-243-3081
Fax: 620-243-7533
Email: molangus@onlinezenda.net
Website: http://www.molitorangus.com


11558 SW 90th Street
Zenda , KS 67159


5 miles north and 2.5 miles west of Zenda, KS, or 9 miles west, 9 miles south and 2 1/2 miles west of Kingman, KS.

Founding Stockholder

Artificial Insemination
Embryo Transfer
Carcass EPD's on 100.0 %
of all bulls sold
Ultrasound on 100.0%
of all bulls sold
DNA/Gene Marker Testing


Purebred seedstock
Registered breeding females
Commercial breeding females


Lease USPB Shares
Feeder cattle buyback


Black Angus

Typical Date 
Actual Date 
Bull & Female Sale 3rd Saturday in March 03/16/2024At the ranch ...X

P.O. Box 20103
Kansas City, MO 64195
Phone: 866-877-2525 | Fax: 816-713-8810

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