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Gardiner Angus Ranch
Gardiner Angus Ranch (GAR) is owned and managed by Mark and Greg Gardiner. Both families live on the 48,000-acre ranch. We have kept performance records since 1964 and collected carcass data on our cattle since 1970. GAR uses a total artificial insemination breeding program on more than 2,000 Angus females. In addition, we implant more than 3,500 embryos per year. Each year we sell more than 2,600 Angus bulls. Our bulls produce calves with excellent growth and superior carcasses. The bulls we are producing today are much better for these traits than ever before. Our breeding program will give even faster improvement in the future. We are proud to be a founding stockholder of U.S. Premium Beef (USPB). GAR customers who qualify, may use GAR shares to sell their fed cattle in the USPB program without charge. Through 2018, GAR and their customers have received an average of $91.49 more per head, in grid premiums and patronage dividends, by selling their cattle through USPB than they would have from selling them on the cash market on 92,000 head of cattle. That is a total of $8,417,080 received by our bull buyers using USPB shares owned by GAR. If you want more consistently high quality cattle in your cowherd and more money from producing what the consumer market wants, call us or stop by the ranch.
Name: Mark Gardiner
Phone: 620-635-2932
Cell: 620-635-5095
Fax: 620-635-2930
Email: gar@gardinerangus.com
Website: http://www.gardinerangus.com


RR1 Box 290
Ashland , KS 67831


6 miles west of Ashland, KS, on Highway 160 to GAR sign. Then 5 miles south to 2nd GAR sign and 1 mile west to GAR headquarters.

Founding Stockholder

Artificial Insemination
Embryo Transfer
Carcass EPD's on 100.0 %
of all bulls sold
Ultrasound on 100.0%
of all bulls sold
DNA/Gene Marker Testing


Purebred seedstock
Registered breeding females
Commercial breeding females


Lease USPB Shares
Special feeder cattle sales



Typical Date 
Actual Date 
"Profit Proven" GAR-Influenced Commercial Female Sale  11/20/2023At the ranch ...X
"Early Bird" Bull Sale  01/22/2024At the ranch ...X
Bull & Female Sale 1st Saturday in April 04/06/2024At the ranch ...X
"Meating Demand" Spring Bull Sale spring 05/06/2024At the ranch ...X
Fall Bull Sale fall 09/23/2024At the ranch ...X
Private Treaty Bulls Year Around At the ranch ...X
Feeder Calf Video Auctions Summer & Fall Superior Video Auction ...X

P.O. Box 20103
Kansas City, MO 64195
Phone: 866-877-2525 | Fax: 816-713-8810

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