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Larson Angus Ranch
At Larson Angus Ranch (LAR), we are focused on providing the best in maternal and carcass traits available in the industry with an eye on producing high carcass quality cattle that are sound, fertile and functional. We have worked diligently through A.I. and embryo transfer to develop the genetics we have today. Our embryo transfer program has allowed us to rapidly advance the genetics in the LAR herd. We strive to multiply only our best for all traits. We flush cows that have proven themselves to be superior in production and have the sound structure and phenotype all desire. The cows still work for a living in a commercial atmosphere, including donors. Longevity is of utmost importance to us and we allow cows to be around for ten years or more to help identify the longer producing females. From our home raised cattle shipped to USPB in 2020, they have graded 100% Choice (as they have for many years) and those grading Prime have increased to an average of 57% with a high of 85% when plant average is around 6%. We welcome the opportunity to provide our customers with high quality cattle that will increase their bottom line. On behalf of LAR, we thank you for your support and will strive to continue bringing you the best genetics the Angus breed has to offer.
Name: Dan Larson
Phone: 785-891-3748
Cell: 785-821-1098
Fax: 785-891-3711
Email: larangus@wbsnet.org
Website: http://www.larsonangusranch.com


195 Road 26
Sharon Springs , KS 67758


14 miles south of Wallace, KS. From Leoti, KS: 15 miles north, 13 miles west, 1 mile north. From Tribune, KS: 15 miles north, 8 miles east, 1 mile north.

Founding Stockholder

Artificial Insemination
Embryo Transfer
Carcass EPD's on 100.0 %
of all bulls sold
Ultrasound on 100.0%
of all bulls sold
DNA/Gene Marker Testing


Purebred seedstock
Registered breeding females
Commercial breeding females


Lease USPB Shares
Feeder cattle buyback



Typical Date 
Actual Date 
Production Sale First Thursday in March 03/07/2024At the ranch ...X

P.O. Box 20103
Kansas City, MO 64195
Phone: 866-877-2525 | Fax: 816-713-8810

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