How to Market Cattle Through USPB

Step 1: Everyone who delivers cattle to U.S. Premium Beef must be a USPB associate.
Step 2: Once a producer is an associate of U.S. Premium Beef, they can market their cattle through this unique producer-owned beef company either by buying units or leasing the right to deliver their cattle to National Beef's plants. U.S. Premium Beef unitholders have the right and obligation to deliver one finished animal per year for each Class A unit they own. Those associates who lease delivery rights simply lease the right to deliver one finished animal to National Beef's plants that year.

U.S. Premium Beef Forms

U.S. Premium Beef has two forms it requests all associates (regardless of whether they own or lease the right to deliver) to use to place, schedule and deliver cattle to National Beef's plants.

Form B: U.S. Premium Beef Showlist Form:
Your feedlot staff needs to send or fax Form B-U.S. Premium Beef Showlist Form to USPB by Tuesday noon of the week prior to delivery to the plant. The fax number is 816-713-8810. A cattle buyer will contact your feedlot to evaluate and schedule your cattle for delivery to the plant.

Form C: U.S. Premium Beef Payment Form:
The day cattle are shipped to the plant, your feedlot staff must send or fax Form C-U.S. Premium Beef Payment Form to the plant your cattle are delivered to and to U.S. Premium Beef's Kansas City office. Dodge City phone: 620-227-7135; FAX 620-338-4336; Liberal phone: 620-624-1851; FAX 620-626-0698. The fax number for USPB is 816-713-8810, or email it to This form is used to determine who is to get paid for the cattle.

In addition, if you have not completed a Feed Certification form to deliver cattle to National Beef, this year you will need to complete the BSE Feed Certification form and fax it to USPB at 816-713-8810.

Recommended weighing conditions for smaller yards: Load on trucks, haul to nearest certified scale (ie. grain elevator), weigh on truck with a 4% pencil shrink. Only as a last resort will off truck weight at the plant be used as live pay weight.

Carcass Information

Individual Carcass Data is provided for all deliveries. This includes hot carcass weight, quality grade, yield grade and Certified Angus Beef (CAB) qualifiers. No selection is needed in order to receive this data.

If animal specific carcass data is needed mark the appropriate place on Form B. To receive Basic data or Premium data the cattle must have individual ID tags.

Basic - Includes hot carcass weight, quality grade, yield grade, CAB, NAB, value per head and value per cwt. of carcass corresponding to your animal ID numbers.

Premium - Same as Basic but also includes ribeye area, marbling score, backfat, and percent internal fat.

USPB requests producers to denote the kind of tags the cattle have for example: Color and number or electronic identification tags.

USPB asks that producers request Basic and Premium Carcass Data only when necessary for example: Correlating data back to dam or sire.

Cattle Buyers' Role with USPB Cattle Deliveries

After the cattle are placed on the USPB showlist a National Beef cattle buyer may inspect the cattle.

The buyer will notify the feeder of delivery date and plant location and will help coordinate trucking.


Up to a $0.60/cwt transportation credit is paid on all USPB cattle. If a producer plans to use his own trucks, he needs to notify the cattle buyer.

Forward Contracting Cattle

USPB producers can get forward contracting bids from Stan Linville in the USPB Kansas City office.

Bids change each Monday.

Contracts are written by the National Beef cattle buyer.

Pricing orders can be placed with Stan Linville in the USPB office, at 866-877-2525.

Choosing a Feedlot

All unitholders and associates have the option of finishing their cattle at any feedlot they choose. USPB does have a Qualified Custom Feedyard (QCF) list . This list is designed to assist producers who are looking for a feedlot that has knowledge and experience in finishing cattle for USPB's quality-based system.

Electronic ID

U.S. Premium Beef has an electronic identification program (EID). Universal EID readers have been installed in the Liberal and Dodge City, KS, plants. USPB unitholders and associates are not required to use electronic ID tags to receive individual carcass data. However, because U.S. Premium Beef provides its unitholders and associates with individual carcass data on all of their cattle, using EID tags improves the efficiency of collecting and transferring data to our unitholders and associates.

Cattle Payments

Cattle are paid for based on individual value as determined by USPB's quality-based grids. Effective with cattle harvested on March 18, 2019, feed yards will receive one check for total cattle proceeds. A check, along with the final settlement sheet and individual carcass data Grade and Detail Report, will be issued once the cattle have been graded and final proceeds have been determined. For example, if cattle are harvested on Monday, the check and settlement sheet could be issued as early as Wednesday, but more likely on Thursday. Unitholders and associates are paid for cattle on USPB's grids up to the number of units owned or leased.