How to Buy or Sell USPB Units

Please contact Tracy Thomas USPB’s Kansas City office (866-877-2525) for information on how you can buy or sell USPB Class A and/or Class B units. In 2010, USPB began using an electronic trading system which can be accessed at This system enables people interested in buying or selling USPB Class A and/or Class B units to do so via an internet trading service. Anyone interested in buying or selling USPB units on this website must apply for login name and password information. Please allow approximately 30 days for this process to be completed before being able to buy or sell USPB units on this system. Prospective buyers and sellers also have the ability to use this system by calling 800-859-3018 to place bids and / or offers on the website.

Buyers and sellers will continue to have the right to purchase and sell USPB units privately as an alternative to using the electronic system. However, transaction fees will still be assessed on all sales, and all sales must be approved by USPB’s Board of Directors.

Training materials to use

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