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To: Interested Buyers and Sellers of U.S. Premium Beef Class A and Class B Units
From: Tracy Thomas, Director of Marketing

Thank you for your interest in U.S. Premium Beef, LLC (USPB).

Please click on the plus next to the item you are researching.

Please call us at 866-877-2525 or email anytime we can assist you further in this process.

Show/Hide Answer I wish to buy or sell U.S. Premium Beef Class A or Class B units. What is necessary to obtain a user name and password?
If you are a current unitholder or associate, complete and sign the Request for Logon Information for Unitholders and Associates form and return it to USPB for approval to access Approval from the USPB Board of Directors is necessary before you will be supplied with a user name and password, which is necessary to post sell or buy offers. A user name and password is not necessary to view posted offers to sell or buy. The website is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for public viewing. Please allow approximately 30 days to receive your user name and password.

If you are not a USPB unitholder or associate, complete, sign and return the Application For Associate Status. This form, along with the $100 Application Fee, needs to be returned to USPB’s office. You also need to complete and return a completed copy of the Request for Logon Information for Unitholders and Associates.

Show/Hide Answer I do not feed cattle and am only interested in Class B units. How do I obtain a user name and password?
If you only have an interest in Class B units, which do not contain delivery rights for the sale of finished cattle, please complete and return to us a Request for Logon Information for Class B Units. You do not need to forward a completed Application for Associate Status.

Show/Hide Answer How do I register on this site?
Once you receive a user name and password, you are eligible to access the website and begin the process to list your units for sale or post an offer to buy. From the home page of the website, after you have selected the USPB units you are interested in, you will be able to select “sell now” or “buy now”. The system will ask for the user name and password supplied to you by USPB.

Potential users without computer or internet access will need to contact the directly for further assistance. Their staff will handle registration and bid and ask pricing directly with the potential buyer or seller. All users will be asked to complete the “agree” or “disagree” box on the Seller and Buyer Acknowledgement Page, whether they are an online or phone registrant. Users can also ask that a printed version of the Seller and Buyer Acknowledgement Page be mailed or faxed to them.

Show/Hide Answer Who should I contact for more information?
Interested buyers and sellers may contact VIA for purposes of accessing the Trading Service to buy and sell Units as follows:
  • Telephone (605) 361-8230 or 1-800-859-3018
  • Personal visit to VIA’s Sioux Falls’ office located at 4305 South Louise Avenue, Suite 101A, Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57106
  • Direct interface with VIA’s website (
Questions about the Trading Service. Questions regarding buying and selling on the Trading Service and the Transaction Fee should be directed to VIA as follows:
  • Telephone: (605) 361-8230
  • Fax: (605) 362-5819
  • E-mail:
  • Main contact: Greg Wilson
Questions about USPB and Member Information.Questions regarding USPB, USPB’s Limited Liability Company Agreement (“LLC Agreement”), the Units, and membership should be directed to USPB as follows:
  • Telephone: (866) 877-2525
  • Fax: (816) 713-8810
  • E-mail
  • Main Contact: Tracy Thomas

Show/Hide Answer How are offers posted?
Refer to the section entitled “General Rules”, starting at the top of page #3 of the following document: Trading Service Operations Manual For Class A and Class B Units of U.S. Premium Beef, LLC

Show/Hide Answer What are the key dates for buying and selling?
An offer to sell will not be matched with an offer to buy, unless the offer to sell has been posted for at least 15 days following the date such offer to sell was posted. Any modification of an offer to sell activates an additional 15 day waiting period.

If a seller’s ask price is not matched with a buyer’s bid price within 120 days of posting of seller's ask price, seller’s posting information will be removed from the Trading Service on the 120th day of posting and, after removal, seller will not be permitted to repost an ask price for 60 days. Unmatched offers to sell at the end of the 120 day period will not automatically be listed again. To repost, seller will need to take those steps required by the Trading Service.

Show/Hide Answer Do I need to register to view bids and offers?
Any interested party is able to review posted bid and ask prices without registering.

Show/Hide Answer What happens if trading is suspended?
The buyer and seller hereby acknowledge and agree that there may be certain circumstances where USPB, upon the advice of counsel or otherwise, determines that it is necessary or appropriate to suspend transfers and trading in its Units in order to comply with applicable corporate and securities laws. The buyer and seller agree that in the event any such suspension of the transfer of Units in USPB occurs prior to the completion of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement (including any suspension prior to approval of the transfer contemplated by this agreement by the Board of Directors of USPB) (an “Incomplete Transaction”), the Incomplete Transaction shall be null and void. Any proceeds or Units delivered with respect to any such Incomplete Transaction shall be returned to the party who delivered such items and the parties shall have no further liability or obligation to each other.

Show/Hide Answer Are offers to sell or buy anonymous?
Bid and ask information submitted by buyers and sellers will be publicly displayed on the Trading Service website and available in printed copy. Sellers' and buyers' identities remain anonymous until a match occurs.

Show/Hide Answer Is it possible to conduct a unit transaction with a friend/neighbor/business acquaintance, and not buy or sell through
Private sales that are considered “Non-Conditional Sales,” as defined in USPB’s Unit Transfer Policy, will be required to use the Trading Service process to complete the transfers and pay the Transaction Fees charged by the Trading Service.

Show/Hide Answer What happens following a match?
At 5:00 pm Central Time of any day, sellers' ask prices and buyers' bid prices will be matched under the following matching rules, conditions and guidelines:
  • Matching occurs when an offer to buy has been posted at a bid price that is equal to or exceeds a seller’s posted ask price.
  • Price will be given priority over time at which an offer to buy or sell is posted, unless other conditions stated herein apply.
  • The lowest offer to sell will be matched with the highest bid price.
  • If multiple bid prices exceed an ask price, the highest bid price has priority over other bids.
  • If multiple bid prices are identical, the bid posted first in time has priority over other bids.
  • If multiple ask prices are posted at identical ask prices, the ask price posted first in time has priority.
Within fifteen (15) days after the match has been made, seller and buyer must both sign and return to VIA, as applicable, the following items:
  • Buyer – Documents. Buyer must submit to VIA the following:
    • The Contract for Sale of Class A or Class B Units of U.S. Premium Beef, LLC signed by buyer.
    • Any other documents requested by VIA.
  • Seller – Documents.
    • The Contract for Sale of Class A or Class B Units of U.S. Premium Beef, LLC signed by seller must be submitted to VIA.
    • Payment. Seller will mail a check made payable to Wells Fargo Bank Account 3444179091 for the Transaction Fee to VIA.
  • Any other documents requested by VIA.

Show/Hide Answer What is the Transaction Fee for buying and selling units?
All sellers in a Non-Conditional Sale must pay a Transaction Fee, which will be 1.75% of the Total Purchase Price.

Show/Hide Answer Once the transaction has received approval by the USPB Board of Directors, when does it close?
All purchases and sales must be approved by the Board of Directors of USPB, and the Board of Directors may withhold its approval of any purchase or sale in its sole discretion. The closing date (“Closing Date”) of all sales and transfers facilitated by the QMS will be on the later of (1) three business days after VIA receives written notice from USPB of approval by the Board of Directors or (2) the third business day that is at least 45 days after the date the offer to sell was posted to the Trading Service (and VIA has received written notice from USPB of approval by USPB’s Board of Directors). Buyer will send a check or bank money order by overnight mail with next day delivery or an ACH or wire transfer for the Total Purchase Price to the seller on the Closing Date. USPB will require confirmation that the payment has been received by the seller before the transfer will be reflected in the company’s records. USPB will notify the buyer that the purchased Units are reflected on USPB’s Unit Ledger as being held by buyer and notify the seller that the sold Units are reflected on USPB’s Unit Ledger as held by the buyer.

Show/Hide Answer What are my tax filing requirements as a result of my ownership of USPB units?
  • Tax Election Forms will be mailed for any new purchases to the unitholder under separate cover.
  • USPB unitholders are required to file tax returns in the different states in which it has business operations, which currently totals nine states.
  • Unitholders that hold units in their individual names are eligible to participate in composite filings. By participating in a composite filing, USPB will file the necessary returns on your behalf (other than Kansas and your state of residency). Check with you tax preparer to determine how these filing requirements will impact you personally.